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We’ll provide all the building blocks for your complete Asterisk-based telephony products

With Xorcom's modules and servers you can get your own tailored OEM Asterisk product in a surprisingly short time-to-market. We offer different OEM packages to satisfy different needs: from OEM products that are based on the original Xorcom design with a different logo (and color, if requested), known as "branding" to modules that may be used as building blocks in a system of your design.

Available Modules

Available Chassis Designs

1U, 2U

Branding Opportunity

It is easy to brand Xorcom products with your own logo.

Xorcom offers OEM partners an easy way to brand Xorcom products as their own. The front panel on all of our products features a recessed area for which a quality Lexan sticker can be affixed with the OEM partner's logo. Xorcom handles the production of the stickers, including printing and affixing them on the panels prior to shipment. There is also an option to brand the entire front panel of the product.

Eligible partners are those who add value to the offering in the form of additional software or improved packaging.

Consulting Services

Xorcom provides assistance and consulting services to its OEM customers while they build their own version of the product, including electronic consulting, mechanical consulting (including mechanical schematics) and assistance with local certification, test procedures, the manufacturing process and software modifications. All of our products are available in OEM versions.

More Information

Please contact us at info@xorcom.com.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 14 Nov 2013 )
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