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Xorcom ''Not for Resale'' Offer for Asterisk Boot-camps and Training

Xorcom is proud to offer a “Not for Resale” (NFR) product that can simplify Asterisk training and make it much more effective. Our NFR offering is based on the Xorcom XR0030, an Astribank unit that provides 2 FXO ports, 6 FXS ports, 2 output ports (to activate external appliances such as door locks) and 4 input ports (to allow simple telephony interface to auxiliary systems such as fire alarms, burglar alarms, and door bells).

The students can benefit from the product in many ways:

  • Since Astribank is a USB device, students can plug, unplug and change units without the need to shut down the Asterisk machine and open the computer panels, like they would have to do with PCI telephony interfaces.
  • Excellent “getting started” experience: novice students can set up a configured, fully-featured Asterisk system with telephony ports in just 3 minutes (using the Xorcom Rapid Live CD or USB disk-on-key).
  • A single Astribank XR0030 lets the student become familiar with the operation of FXS, FXO and I/O (Input and Output ports for peripheral devices).
  • The unit uses a standard DAHDI driver.
  • Astribank supports auto-detection and configuration for easy 3-minute PBX setup. Later, more complex configurations may be practiced.
  • The low NFR price allows the training organization to provide the XR0030 to the student at the end of the training, as part of the course fee.

Xorcom can provide additional NFR Astribank models to demonstrate PRI and BRI ISDN.

CompletePBX Basic Technical Training (Online / Free)

CompletePBX Certified EngineerThe goal of the course is to introduce the Xorcom product range and the basic capabilities of the current version of CompletePBX, as well as teach some of the fundamentals of Linux administration.

Detailed Information

  • The course is Web-based and requires no special equipment or prior technical knowledge.
  • Participants need to register for the course via this Web form.
  • After submission of the form, the participant will receive a link to the course syllabus. The syllabus contains links to a series of video recordings and supporting information that comprise the contents of the course.
  • After viewing the videos (roughly 3.5 hours in total) the participant is prompted to take a quiz.
  • After successful completion of the quiz, the participant will receive an official "Certificate of Proficiency" via e-mail, and an invitation to continue to the advanced training.  

Xorcom CompletePBX Dealer Certification - Advanced Technical Training

CompletePBX Certified Dealer LogoXorcom periodically holds onsite training classes to familiarize its dealer channel with Xorcom products on a technical level. Course content reflects real-life requirements and includes extended hands-on labs. It is led by two experienced engineers and covers 2 days. 


  • Introduction & Xorcom Products Overview
  • Customer VoIP Readiness
  • Installation: Rapid Recovery, Static IP (QSG), User Accounts, Setup Devices
  • Post-Installation: Security, Access Control, System Settings (Part 1), SIP Settings
  • SSH Tools and Tunneling: PuTTY, PSCP, WinSCP, Webmin (NTP)
  • System Settings (Part 2): Firewall,Email Settings, DHCP Server, Email Notifications and Email Troubleshooting
  • DAHDI Config: DAHDI, Bulk Extensions, Bulk DIDs
  • Backup & Restore; Rapid Tunneling
  • Getting Started: Best Practices
  • UC Applications, SIP: SIP Authentication vs. Registration
  • Basic Programming 1: Extensions, System Recordings, Queues, Conference Bridges
  • Basic Programming 2: IVR's, Trunks, Inbound and Outbound Routes, Ring Groups, Dependancies
  • Video Conferencing Specifications, Demonstration
  • Basic Programming 3: Time Groups and Conditions, Paging and Intercom, My Switchboard
  • Endpoint Manager: Discovering Endpoints, Template Programming
  • Open Session Discussion: (fail2ban, dnsmasq, Feature Codes, MOH, MC, etc.)
  • High Availability (including TwinStar)
  • Additional Features: CDR Reports, My Extension Options, Parking Lot 
  • Troubleshooting Utilities: Wireshark, Audacity, Phone Tone Decoder, Softphones
  • Handouts Section: OpenVPN, SIP Troubleshooting, CLI Tips
  • Final Exam


Working knowledge of LANs, basic telephony, and experience with Linux and Asterisk is helpful. We require all participants to pass the basic proficiency quiz that is supplied in the CompletePBX Basic Technical Training Online course (free of charge). Read more about it here.


Please contact for more information about these training options.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 18 Dec 2014 )
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