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Multi-Tenant PBX – MT Manager Software Update 1.0.20

Aug 11, 2019 | APP StatsExplorer MT PBX, APP Wallboards MT PBX, MT Manager Software Updates, VoIP PBX Technical Updates

New Apps in MT Manager

This version introduces the StatsExplorer App for call center statistics reporting with its extension – Wallboards, for real-time performance monitoring.
Both apps are activated via the App dialogue.
The Wallboards app can only be activated on systems that have StatsExplorer activated.

    The new apps are activated under Edit Tenant -> Apps:

    PBX Call Statistics Reporting for Call Center

    StatsExplorer – PBX Call Statistics

    The StatsExplorer app provides statistical reporting for call centers and other PBX call statistics, including incoming calls, outgoing calls, simultaneous call, calls by destination, DID, agent and more. The user can create and save granular filters and present reports as tables and graphs.

    Queue Agent Distribution Report in Multi Tenant PBX

    Duration before Answer Report - Multi-Tenant PBX Call Center

    Average Call Duration per Agent in Multi Tenant PBX Call Center



      The Wallboards app runs on top of the StatsExplorer app and provides real-time performance monitoring for agents and supervisors. Different wallboards can be customized by the admin by adding widgets and setting them up to create the desired view, thus helping the team focus on the right measurements and meet their company goals. 

        Multi-Tenant PBX Call Center - Real Time DashboardMulti-Tenant PBX - Real Time Resource Usage Dashboard