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Supervision Switchboard Available for PBX Tenants

  • Supervision Switchboard now available for PBX tenants as a App (Edit Tenant -> Apps)

Supervision Switchboard App in Multi-tenant PBX

  • Once activating and saving, the tenant will update and install the Supervision Switchboard.  This will be indicated by an icon in the Tenants view:

PBX Switchboard Icon in Multi-Tenant Manager GUI

  • Once allowed access by the admin, the tenant-PBX user will be able to use the Supervision Switchboard for real-time call information, queue status, call actions, visual voicemail, conference calls and more:

Supervision PBX Switchboard in CompletePBX


    Bug Fixes

    • Tenant Company Info details not saved.  Fixed.
    • Reseller was not able to add new rows in tenant access whitelist.  Fixed.
    • In some cases, App icon would not appear immediately upon creation.  Fixed.