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CompletePBX 5.0.62 – Cisco SPA IP Phone Provisioning

Dec 26, 2018 | CompletePBX Change Log, VoIP PBX Technical Updates

Cisco SPA 303 & SPA 502G Provisioning

Cisco SPA 303 IP Phone

  • Cisco SPA 303 and Cisco SPA 502G models are now supported by the Endpoint manager with all its provisioning features:Cisco SPA 303 Provisioning in PBX GUI


  • VM notification email now supports languages that require UTF8 encoded for subject and email body text.

Bug Fixes

  • FOP2 Switchboard grouping was destroyed after renaming of the entity (extension, queue, conference etc.).  Fixed.  Changing the names now have no effect over FOP2 grouping.
  • Privacy Manager would not catch calls if the CID would use a lower case letter (e.g. “anonymous” rather than “Anonymous”).  Fixed.