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CompletePBX 5.0.63 – PBX High Availability Improvements & More

Jan 9, 2019 | CompletePBX Change Log, VoIP PBX Technical Updates

TwinStar PBX High-Availability Improvements

TwinStar failover upon network disconnection

  • TwinStar can now be set to detect network disconnection and failover to the secondary server in such case
  • This is useful when each of the TwinStar servers is connected through a different switch
  • In case of network disconnection, the active server will jump control to the secondary server and the secondary server will assume the “master” role and will freeze in this position to avoid jumping back and forth in case of a generic network issue with both servers
  • It is possible to monitor more than one network interface
  • Email alerts may be set to indicate such an event has happened
  • The new parameters that can be configured in the twinstar_config.conf file:
    # Network Interface Card (NIC) carrier monitoring parameters
    #   Whether or not NIC carrier status must be monitored. The default value is “No”
    #   List of space character delimited NICs to be monitored. Default: nic0
    #   NIC carrier status polling timeout in seconds. Default: 5
    #   How many carrier checks must fail before the server switching. Default: 2
Once the parameters are configured run the following command to apply the change:


/usr/share/twinstar/twinstar_config reconfigure -i



Changing Hostname is no longer allowed in TwinStar configurations

  • Changing the Hostname may break the relation between the CompletePBX servers in a TwinStar setup.  For that reason, it is no longer possible to edit the Hostnames in the GUI in TwinStar installations. 
  • There is no change for no TwinStar installations. 

Option to disable SIP Plug-and-Play on TwinStar Systems 

  • Some SIP phones enter into an infinite loop when both DHCP Option 66 and SIP PnP options available.  In non-TwinStar systems, it is possible to turn off the PNP option, but in TwinStar systems the service is automatically activated along with other services.   It is now possible to disable SIP PNP on TwinStar systems.  

Inherit Music-on-Hold in Queue

  • It is now possible to set music-on-hold for a queue (PBX -> Call Center -> Queues) to inherit the music-on-hold settings from the channel – that is, from the previous settings for that call, for example, via Inbound RouteQueue Music on Hold Settings in PBX GUI
  • When set to “Yes”, the Queue Music on Hold  will be ignored if the call was already assigned with music-on-hold prior to entering the Queue.  For example, it is possible to set two inbound routes that will lead to the same queue and reach the same agents using the same logic, but in one case the caller will hear MoH with text in English and in the other in French.

Asterisk Version Update

  • Asterisk version was updated to 13.24.1

Bug Fixes

  • A non-admin user cannot download or listen to recorded calls via the portal GUI despite having proper permissions.  Fixed.
  • When deleting a Class-of-Service that uses an extension (or another destination) as Destination, that destination would see an empty Class-of-Service source under relations.  Fixed.  

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