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Xorcom UC Series IP Phones Provisioning AddedIP Phones for VoIP PBX Phone Systems

  • The UC IP Phone series templates were added to the Endpoint Manager
  • The available templates:
    • UC902 – Basic IP Phone
    • UC912G – 1GB IP Phone
    • UC924 – Color IP Phone
    • UC926 – Color IP Phone
    • UC46 IP Phone Expansion Unit 

Asterisk Version Update

  • Asterisk version was updated to 13.25.0 solving some issues (see Bug Fixes below)

Internal Dialing Only Class of Service Setup

  • It is now possible to set Route Selection = None, in order to easily create a class-of-service with internal dialing only (PBX -> Class of Service -> Class of Service)
  • This allows a quick and efficient way to create a class of service that allows only internal dialing within the PBX.

PBX Class of Service Limit External Dialilng

CDR Tooltips & Documentation

  • CDR dialogue now contains tooltips for all fields:

CDR Fields Tooltips

Bug Fixes

  • TwinStar memory leak – in some cases TwinStar systems would experience slow memory leak.  Fixed.
  • Deadlock in chan_sip – in some cases SIP channels would get stuck following applying configuration changes.  Fixed (Asterisk 13.25.0)
  • Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) polling did not always work properly.  Fixed (Asterisk 13.25.0)
  • Error when exporting an empty CDR table – fixed.
  • Call recordings did not work after call-forward to an external destination.  Fixed.