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  • Queue failover destination can no longer be set to itself (to the same queue) when “join empty” is disabled, so that the PBX administrator will not accidentally create a setting that causes an infinite loop.
    • User profile can no longer be deleted when there are users to which it is assigned.  The previous behavior was to delete those users when deleting the profile.  Now the admin will get a notice that the profile is assigned to some users and be notified the profile can not be deleted when in use.  In order to delete a profile, the admin will have to change the profile for the relevant users or delete them, and then delete the profile.

    Profile Delete Warning in PBX GUI

    • Wakeup calls –  It is now possible to configure the number of attempts for a wakeup call.  In case a wakeup call was not picked up, the call will be regenerated up to the configured number of attempts.

    Wake up calls in Hotel Phone System

    • Backup restore – upon restoring a backup version, the Apply Changes icon will lit up to notify the admin that changes needs to be applied to complete the restore process.

    Bug Fixes

    • Can’t see PFK on Vtech CTM-S34.  Fixed.
    • RPID did not appear correctly with Complete Concierge hotel PMS interface in use.  Fixed.
    • Full disk notification email format had errors.  Fixed.
    • In some cases the Astribank port view for specific configurations was not accurate.  Fixed.
    • Wrong From address in Fax notification email.  Fixed.