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5 Culprits that Kill Asterisk IP-PBX Performance – Recorded Webinar Available

Last Thursday we held two instances of a Webinar that proved to be our most popular to date. We chose the topic ‘optimizing performance’ as a result of the numerous inquiries we have received over the years from our partners and their customers, who simply want to know how to squeeze the largest amount of simultaneous calls from their Asterisk-based phone systems. We recently completed load tests for our high-end stand-alone IP-PBX, the Asterisk-based XR3000, and discussed the results in the Webinar. Our load test results (for all three of our stand-alone IP-PBX models, the XR1000, XR2000 and XR3000) are published on our Web site.

Anyone interested in obtaining a copy of the recorded Webinar can find it in various formats (WMV, RM, MP3, PPS) on the Xorcom Web site (it’s the last entry in the table).

Of course, if anyone has an idea for a topic for an upcoming Webinar — don’t be shy — let’s hear it!