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Xorcom Certifies that Yealink SIP Phones are Interoperable with our XR Series

Here are some choice quotes from the press release:

“The Xorcom-Yealink partnership ensures that complete, scalable IP-PBX solutions can be deployed easily to the enterprise,” stated Stone Lu, Vice President of Yealink. “With Xorcom’s flexible and modular PBX solutions, businesses can connect their distant branch locations, providing them with all the major PBX features available at their corporate office.”

“Thanks to the cost-effective offering of the Yealink product line, business headquarters, branch offices, remote workers and home offices can all benefit from a feature-rich productivity suite including voicemail, multi-line conferencing, call forwarding, and many other features,” stated Eran Gal, CEO of Xorcom. “The Yealink portfolio coupled with our Asterisk-based IP-PBX helps guarantee that the end-user will have a cost-effective, high-quality, feature-rich solution.”