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Xorcom accepted a speaking opportunity at AstriEurop, held April 14-16 in Paris. Although we decided not to exhibit there (the conference coincided with a technical training session we held for partners in our corporate offices), our CEO Eran Gal thought the event important enough to warrant a day away from the office (and his family). Little did he know that the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland would turn that day into a full week!

Still, Eran reports that the visit to AstriEurop was beneficial. He met with several exhibiting companies to discuss the possibility of adding them to the worldwide Xorcom reseller channel. He also had a chance to speak with Mark Spencer, the creator of Asterisk, to discuss current trends and future opportunities in open source telephony. It appears that Asterisk has attracted the attention of a large number of telephony professionals in Europe, from developers to system integrators and VARs, but as “traffic” at the conference was poor perhaps the European business world is not yet aware of Asterisk’s benefits. Will there be an AstriEurop 2011? What are your thoughts about AstriEurop, and Asterisk in Europe in general?

In case you’re interested, Eran’s presentation at AstriEurop, “Open Source Holds its Own Against Conventional Telephony…”, has been published at http://www.astrieurop.com/medias/Slides-conf/XORCOM_Open-Source-Holds-Its-Own-AstriEurop.pdf