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Set the time in 24-hour format

Hello.  I am using CompletePBX 5.0.71.  I cannot set the time manually in 24-Hour format and the software neither accepts PM hours.  When you input the time, even if you move the sliding bar to the 'PM' zone, the system always gets the time as 'AM'.  I believe this is...

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Voicemail indicator did not work

Good morning community of XORCOM, I write requesting support in a problem that I have with Voicemail. When leaving a voice message - The led indicator of the phone does not show that there is a mailbox, however in the Xorcom GUI, (reports, Voicemail) if the left...

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CPBX 5.0.47 Fop2 update issue

Hello After update CPBX on latest version 5.0.47 FOP2 has remove all buttons and nothing is showed. On Fop2 management after refresh on web (session Buttons) appeared message "All buttons was removed by update" 

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MIXMONITOR variables bug

I tried to run a post record script in bash but the pbx don't pass the mixmonitor variable to the script. In fact I want receive a mail with attacched the recording file. with my script I receive the mail but all the mixmonitor variables into the mail are blank. It...

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Outbound route problem

Hello, I noticed that after last update (5.0.41) there is a problem with outbound route on CXE3000 . Call to GSM should go trough 3 ISDN BRI Gateways and (if all BRI lines are busy) trough main sip trunk. The problem is, when all BRI lines are busy on first trunk call...

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Change timezone

I tried to change the timezone and time into the pbx but when I change it return to previous default parameter. May be is a bug? How can I solve

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