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lost the access web/ssh

Hi! Can someone help with my problem. I received a Appliance Xorcom XE3000 IP, but I dont have the password web and ssh. Its posible reset de passwords o get the access?  

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The wakeup call can no longer be deactivated

Hello,We use the wakeup call function with the function code * 34 with the choice to renew the same call every day.The wakeup call can be canceled by dialing the same time if you remember !It worked fine but today on a phone it is no longer possible to cancel the...

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Cluster Problem

Hello all I just want to ask about any issue that i have with an CTS4000 PBX. Everything was functioning just right with a th PBX untill yesterday. While i was checking out the status of the PBX at the twinstar status found that the cluster have a problem and the...

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How to set PRI interface module in E1 mode

Hello, I bought Xorcom CXR3047 1 T1/E1. By default, the PRI card is set in T1 and I want to switch in E1 (what is used in my region) I tried this: 1 - In /etc/dahdi/xpp.conf    pri_protocol E1 2- /etc/init.d/asterisk stop     /etc/init.d/dahdi stop   ...

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Phone showing no service

So, we have a new phone we are rolling out and it's showing no service on the screen.  In the PBX, the phone shows under extension, BUT, when I go to the section for restart phones, the phone does NOT show up.  I'm missing something, but I'm also new to this Xorcom...

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Spark CPBX5 restart

Hello.  My Xorcom Spark suddenly restarted when it was idle, no calls. I believe it was Asterisk, not Linux, as I do not have a /var/log/messages  file.  Where can I find logs about the restart to see what happened?  Thank you, Gustavo.

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Assign a specific name to recording file

I woud like to assign a specific file name to my recordings for example using date andi callerid. I noted that there is the possibility to run a bash file after the recordings. In which folder of pbx have I to place the bash file how must be the content of bash file...

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