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Provisioning Yealink T53

Hello, Could you tell me when will Yealink T53 phones be in the list of supported phones? Yealink T53 does not appear in the list when provisioning the phone. Thank you. Regards, Nicolas

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Extension status on HotDesking

Hello I'm planing to use Hot Desking for Call Center purpose I have 10 Hot Desk and 30 extension.  How can Supervisor check status of  extension logged in  on each Hot Desk?

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Feature tip

Hello,-proposes to insert the function to record an existing message through a targeted code, in this way the end customer can change his messages without having to log in via a web interface. And it's much simpler.Eg:register or upload a message, which is...

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Function request about night mode

I am a pbx installer i think that the new pbx 5 is a great machine but there is a function that I missed from the complete pbx 4 and I have many request from my clients about that. When i set a time condition in pbx 4 a feature code is created and it is possible to...

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Options for phone side rejected calls

When you receive a incoming call to your desk phone most devices present a softkey to reject the call, this is ending up in the busy greeting of the voicemail, most clients don't won't to let the caller know they are there, a option in the gui would be nice so that we...

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Will there soon be a automatic off site backup added to the backup module, hopefully a secure upload connection ?

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service firewalld stop

Is it possible to not to have to use a stand alone keyboard and monitor to login and enter "service firewalld stop" before being able to log into the GUI. This is very problematic when working on a PBX remotely.

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