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Extension status on HotDesking

Hello I'm planing to use Hot Desking for Call Center purpose I have 10 Hot Desk and 30 extension.  How can Supervisor check status of  extension logged in  on each Hot Desk?

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Feature tip

Hello,-proposes to insert the function to record an existing message through a targeted code, in this way the end customer can change his messages without having to log in via a web interface. And it's much simpler.Eg:register or upload a message, which is...

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Function request about night mode

I am a pbx installer i think that the new pbx 5 is a great machine but there is a function that I missed from the complete pbx 4 and I have many request from my clients about that. When i set a time condition in pbx 4 a feature code is created and it is possible to...

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Options for phone side rejected calls

When you receive a incoming call to your desk phone most devices present a softkey to reject the call, this is ending up in the busy greeting of the voicemail, most clients don't won't to let the caller know they are there, a option in the gui would be nice so that we...

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Will there soon be a automatic off site backup added to the backup module, hopefully a secure upload connection ?

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service firewalld stop

Is it possible to not to have to use a stand alone keyboard and monitor to login and enter "service firewalld stop" before being able to log into the GUI. This is very problematic when working on a PBX remotely.

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