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Voicemails not sending to email

We're trying to setup our voicemail to email service. smtp.office365.com, port 587, TLS set to yes. Authentication is my email address and password, while the origin & from address are both the address of an Office365 group. I'm member and owner of the private...

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Windows Softphone

Hello Everyone, We are currently evaluating Multi-Tenant PBX and one feature we need is a Windows Softphone that can be auto-provisioned, have centralised contacts, BFL and have integration with Plantronics headphones for call answer/drop. Does CompletePBX have one?...

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Noise on PRI Calls

Hi,   we are getting a choppy noise when making voice calls using PRI lines and the internal calls are working fine.

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CPBX5 Endpoint Manager Fanvil X1P

Hello!  I have seen Endpoint Manager supports some Fanvil phone models but not the entry-level X1P model. Is Fanvil X1P going to be included in EPM supported phones list? Thank you very much. Regards, Gustavo.

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Hi. Hello. I want to know if the CompletePBX software have SBC like previously when Xorcom had FreePBX? I didnt find any information about CompleteSBC. Thanks for your help.

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Event Notifications

In looking at the various settings in the PBX (SPARK) and through the manual, I find very little related to event notifications. I see some for intrusion, storage and the usual vmail to email and fax to email notifications and similar, but nothing related to loss of...

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Charge of RTP port range

Setting aide 10K ports for a 30 call system is overkill and while I understand that this is the default Asterisk range, I would like to change the range to a different range and make smaller. Changing via the GUI interface does not seem to be available. Do I assume...

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Call Statistics

I was wondering if there is a way to track maximum concurrent SIP trunks being used with the date and time? It would also be useful see maximum concurrent extension to extension in use with a date and time as well. Thanks in advance, Vince

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Wrong time in CDR datetime field CPBX5

I have a problem with the cdr, it does not take the local time of the system, it takes the universal time. This is the output of timedatectl status command: Local time: Wed 2018-09-26 13:02:14 CDT Universal time: Wed 2018-09-26 18:02:14 UTC RTC time: Wed 2018-09-26...

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Disk partition management

On some of the older units I have inherited, the /boot partition is too small and I am always afraid to make modifications. Is there a tried and true method you guys use? Is it possible to build-in a disk management utility to the Xorcom interface?

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Virtual Fax

Hello, I set my fax to email on Complete PBX 4 but I can not find the interface by which I attach a PDF file and send a fax to a recipient. Thank you for helping me.

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Record call

hi, is it possible to send a message on the outgoing calls to the reply or through a code? I also need to record the calls and this message should be heard in the recording

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udate problem

After update CPBX on latest version 5.0.47 FOP2 has remove all buttons and nothing is showed.On Fop2 management after refresh on web (session Buttons) appeared message“All buttons was removed by update” voiptalkpro LLC voip web Plan StarterSingle websitesUnlimited...

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Problem on the pbx report status

Hi, this message appears on the page pbx report status : Fatal error: Class 'modules\status_report\utils' not found in /usr/share/ombutel/www/modules/status_report/status_reportForm.php on line 52

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