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Problems after upgrade

Hi, on a cxr1000 after several attempts I was able to upgrade from version 5.0.24 to 5.0.47. but I have errors in some menus of the web interface. if I wanted to reinstall the software, how should I proceed?

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Anyone using CompletePBX on a call center environment?

Hello /all Anyone using CompletePBX on a call center environment? How many agents? How many concurrent calls? Are you satisfied about reports? What are the most cool features that you enjoy? What do you think that is missing?or could improve? I know that there is some...

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Connect Astribank to a virtualized Asterisk PBX

Hello.!  Our customers (VoIP integrators) often use Astribank linked to their own custom Asterisk PBXs.  The current trend is to virtualize the PBX. There have been situations where VM was not an option due to erratic USB connectivity issues to Astribank.  I am now...

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How to detect PRI Master number automatically ?

Hi, we have made our own PRI modules (hardware and software). i.e. we have implemented Q.921 and Q.931 in software. Question is .... Suppose I dont know the Master number of PRI line ... How can I detect the PRI Master number automatically. ? IS there any Query packet...

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Changing caller output ID

When I make an outgoing call, I need to manipulate the Outgoing Caller ID so that the person receiving the call sees the CID number I choose.

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Directory not working

CPBX5 5.0.32 When I dial 411 I hear directory greeting & enter 427 (gar) and it says no match, the name is correct on extension, class of service is All Permissions & voicemail hide from directory is no. None of the phones can be reached by directory.

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I see in asterisk that opus codec is available but not in the drop down menu in the gui, I setup remote Yealink phones which have the opus codec.    

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I have a xorcom XE2000 IP PBX and i´m having a issue with call monitoring. The audio recordings of incoming calls are out of sync. When i listening to call recordings, both interlocutors are heard with a lag of a few seconds and it´s impossible understand the...

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Additional software modules

Will there be any additional software modules added for enhanced CDR, Call recordings & Switchboard, a while back when this project was being developed under Ombutel there were some future packages in the works for these features, I believe these will be released...

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