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Additional software modules

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Gary ClarkeGary Clarke asked 3 years ago

Will there be any additional software modules added for enhanced CDR, Call recordings & Switchboard, a while back when this project was being developed under Ombutel there were some future packages in the works for these features, I believe these will be released under the name SonataSuite but I don’t know if they are for Ombutel only or does CompletePBX5 have provisions for them or will there be different ones for CompletePBX5.

3 Answers
Eran GalEran Gal Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Gary, Our intention is to have full interop with the Sonata Suite when it is ready.    

Chinnapat KhunasinthuwanonChinnapat Khunasinthuwanon answered 3 years ago

Do you know approximate time that the Sonata Suite is complete?

Eran GalEran Gal Staff answered 3 years ago

Sonata Suite is not developed by us.  It is a 3rd party product, developed by Telesoft, and for that reason, we can’t commit on timelines.
However, we do work with Telesoft to have the Sonata Suite compatible with CompletePBX and when it is launched we intend to support it.