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Cluster Problem

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Nick PetroNikos Petropoulos asked 2 years ago

Hello all

I just want to ask about any issue that i have with an CTS4000 PBX.
Everything was functioning just right with a th PBX untill yesterday.
While i was checking out the status of the PBX at the twinstar status
found that the cluster have a problem and the first server is unreachable.
i checked all the settings on the unreachable server but didn’t find any problem.
The hardware does not have any issue and is functioning just fine.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


Eyal OrenEyal Oren replied 2 years ago

Hi Nikos
It means that there is no ssh communication between servers , can you ssh from srv-a to srv-b and the ither way around ?

Nick PetroNikos Petropoulos replied 2 years ago

Hi Eyal.

Thanks for your answer. i just tried ssh from srv-a to srv-b and vice versa.
everything is working fine and have access.
Still the same issue.
One more thing that i discovered today is that srv-a does not open the web interface when i try to connect directly to it ip.

Any ideas?

1 Answers
Eyal OrenEyal Oren answered 2 years ago

Hi Nic
Please note that httpd service is running only on the current master server .
I think that you have configuration issue , please contact me on [email protected]

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