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CPBX5 Endpoint Manager

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Gustavo GarciaGustavo Garcia asked 3 years ago

Hello.   Will CPBX5\’s Endpoint Manager support Panasonic phones?  When?  Thank you, Gustavo.

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Mark MalinMark Malin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Gustavo, 
We currently don’t have Panasonic phones support in the roadmap.
However, we re-evaluate the supported brands once in a while, based on market demands.

Gustavo GarciaGustavo Garcia replied 3 years ago

Thank you Mark for the reply. I should use the PhoneScan App for Panasonic or other non-supported brands, correct?

Mark MalinMark Malin Staff replied 3 years ago

Not quite.
PhoneScan is an accompanied application to the Endpoint Manager. It simplifies the usage and makes it more accessible for the user. The devices that are present in the application are coming from the Endpoint Manager. Therefore, If a device/brand is not supported in the Endpoint Manager, it also won’t be supported in the application.
As mentioned in the previous answer, we constantly re-evaluate the needs and demands so that we can add additional devices and brands to the Endpoint Manager

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