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Custom promt for restricted calls or no outbound route.

IP PBX ForumCategory: PBX How ToCustom promt for restricted calls or no outbound route.
Emre Ozemre oz asked 2 months ago

I don’t know the Xorcom PBX very well. My questions is, If a extension do not have “outbound route” for certain destinations, calls is dropping without any prompt. Users cannot understand if this is a system problem or they can not permitted to this destination. 
is it possible to set a custom prompt for if a user do not have outbound route for external calls.

1 Answers
Eyal OrenEyal Oren answered 2 months ago

Hi Emre
By Default, the caller should hear something like ” Sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed, please check the number and dial again” , are you sure you hear nothing?
In any case, please put in your mind that:
Each  Extension has a Class Of Service
Each Class Of Service has Bad Destination.
So, you can record a prompt, upload is via the Recording Management module
Configure an Announcement which will play that recording
Set that Announcement to the Extensions class of service Bad Destination.
Now, each time