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Directory not working

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Gary ClarkeGary Clarke asked 3 years ago

CPBX5 5.0.32
When I dial 411 I hear directory greeting & enter 427 (gar) and it says no match, the name is correct on extension, class of service is All Permissions & voicemail hide from directory is no. None of the phones can be reached by directory.

3 Answers
Mark MalinMark Malin answered 3 years ago

Hi Gary,
Thanks for reporting.
We will investigate this and provide a solution.

Eran GalEran Gal Staff answered 3 years ago

The fix will be part of v.5.0.33 scheduled for release this Wednesday (Oct. 18)

Eran GalEran Gal Staff replied 3 years ago

Fixed. Please update to 5.0.33.

Eran GalEran Gal Staff answered 3 years ago

Fixed.  Please update to 5.0.33