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Larry NeblettLarry Neblett asked 2 years ago

In looking at the various settings in the PBX (SPARK) and through the manual, I find very little related to event notifications. I see some for intrusion, storage and the usual vmail to email and fax to email notifications and similar, but nothing related to loss of registrations for trunks or extensions or unreachable for peer trunks if qualify is enabled, dial out failures, system crash/Asterisk not responsive, system reboot, admin/user login and other types of operational notifications. Is this really not available or am I just not looking in the correct locations? Other systems have events of various types that can be enabled for reporting/logging and of these, you can select which ones are important enough by which you want to be notified of the issue by the system via email.

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Eyal OrenEyal Oren answered 2 years ago

Hi Larry.
You are right, for Spark those are the notifications that we have.
For raid/Twinstar systems there are more notifications
– Twinstar jump
– Power supply
– License