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Function request about night mode

IP PBX ForumCategory: PBX Improvement RequestFunction request about night mode
Alessio POzzatoAlessio POzzato asked 3 years ago

I am a pbx installer i think that the new pbx 5 is a great machine but there is a function that I missed from the complete pbx 4 and I have many request from my clients about that.
When i set a time condition in pbx 4 a feature code is created and it is possible to program a blf on the extension and force manually the state of the time condition without remember to switch back the state. I tried to figure out how to get the same result with the pbx 5 but at the moment is not possible. It would be possible to solve the problem in two ways.
1. Same as complete 4. for each time condition it is necessary to create a feature code that i can assign to a blf to force manually.
2. It would be possible to use the night mode as destination of time condition but in this case it is necessary to have oneother option to choose if the state of the night mode must be activated or deactivated. In other word I can set night mode as destination of each time condition but at the same time I need to specify not only which night mode to use but also the state activated or deactivated. With this option it would be possible to assign the night mode to a blf so it is possible to change manually the the state assigned by the time condition without I need to remember to switch back the condition pressing the blf. At the moment I can have blf that toggle between time condition and a second night mode function but if I switch the state manually I have to remember to switch back and the clients don’t want this. I hope my request is clear and hope you will introduce it in a newer version

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Eyal OrenEyal Oren answered 3 years ago

Hi Alessio
Do you need an option to change temporary the time condition destination ? for instance this scenario
Normally working hours on an office is 09:00-18:00, so n 09:00 the secretary start getting calls.
On some day secretary came on 08:20 , so you need that there will be an option to press BLF key ,so secretary will start to get calls after pressing the BLF.
On the next day the time condition behavior will remain as configured , means that secretary will start to get calls on 09:00.
Is that what you aim for ?

Alessio POzzatoAlessio POzzato answered 3 years ago

Hi Eyal
Yes you understood very well my request. A lot of my clients ask it to me so at the moment i offer the complete pbx 4 for this reason. Typical case for me is car retailers they have a configured working hours (monday-saturnday) but sometime when they have to present new cars model they stay opened on sunday so they want to receive the calls. With pbx 4 I program a blf that change the state of time condition but the next day (next time condition)  behaviour will remain as configured. Oneother useful example to understand is a company that in a special day work just half day in the morning in this case the secretary push the blf for the afternoon and change the state of time condition but on the next day the behavior have to remain the same without push again the blf.
One important thing to say: the toggle code does not meet the requirement because if I change the state with the blf, on the next time condition I would have an inverted time condition and I have to push the blf again to have the normal time condition behaviour 

Eyal OrenEyal Oren answered 3 years ago

Well understood .
I will that feature request to our wishlist .

Alessio POzzatoAlessio POzzato answered 3 years ago

Is there any news about this feature? 80% of my clients ask me for this thanks


Bonjour ! moi je souhaite avoir un annuel de configuration d’Accès a distance sur mon pbx 4 et pbx 5 et aussi comment activer l’option VPN . Merci d’avance !