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How to detect PRI Master number automatically ?

IP PBX ForumCategory: QuestionsHow to detect PRI Master number automatically ?
QRAkhtar asked 2 years ago

Hi, we have made our own PRI modules (hardware and software). i.e. we have implemented Q.921 and Q.931 in software.
Question is …. Suppose I dont know the Master number of PRI line … How can I detect the PRI Master number automatically. ? IS there any Query packet through which network/service provider tells me about my self number ?

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Leonid FainshteinLeonid Fainshtein answered 2 years ago

Just as an idea: you can make an outbound call to one of your DIDs but with wrong (or empty) caller id. As result of such call you will get inbound call. Most likely you will get your Master number in the “Calling party” IE of the SETUP message.
Obviously, the TON and NPI fields must be considered in order to reconstruct the number in the desired format.
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