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multicast paging supported by PBX

IP PBX ForumCategory: PBX Improvement Requestmulticast paging supported by PBX
Larry NeblettLarry Neblett asked 2 years ago
Larry NeblettLarry Neblett replied 2 years ago

Would be nice to see the function added to the PBX in order to avoid the latency between the first and last INVITE when a large number of extensions are involved.

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Eyal OrenEyal Oren answered 2 years ago

Hi Larry,
We have that request on the feature request list ( T1758 )
As a work around we can suggest you add Custom, Custom Application like (mcastpage,${EXTEN},1 ):
To create file /etc/asterisk/ombutel/extensions__65_custom.conf and to add there :
exten => _167X.,1,NoOp(Multicast paging to ${EXTEN:4})
same => n,Dial(MulticastRTP/basic/
Reload asterisk dialplan
asterisk -rx ‘dialplan reload ‘
Set on the IP-Phone the M-cast address

Now when you will dial 1679009 it will start mcast paging

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