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Need to create TCP SIP trunk to Avaya CM based PBX

IP PBX ForumCategory: PBX How ToNeed to create TCP SIP trunk to Avaya CM based PBX
Rich DrinkardRich Drinkard asked 2 years ago

I need to be able to create a trunk that uses TCP instead of UDP for SIP traffic to an Avaya CM based PBX.

I’ve done this several times with Yeastar appliances but can’t figure out how to get the trunk to use TCP instead of UDP on the Xorcom side.

Have tried using tcpenable yes in the parameters fields of the Advanced trunk screen. When I try to make a call using the route and trunk for the Avaya, I get the message: “outbound connection failed” after about 30 seconds.

1 Answers
Rich DrinkardRich Drinkard answered 2 years ago

I was able to get it to work using the following in the Advanced tab under Trunks:
peer tcpenable yes
peer transport tcp
peer tcpbindaddr

Don;t know if they are all necessary but it’s working now.