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Leo Luzanin asked 3 years ago

I noticed that after last update (5.0.41) there is a problem with outbound route on CXE3000 .
Call to GSM should go trough 3 ISDN BRI Gateways and (if all BRI lines are busy) trough main sip trunk.
The problem is, when all BRI lines are busy on first trunk call never goes to the second trunk (sip) and fails.
route trunk list: https://ibb.co/ex1KiS

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Leonid FainshteinLeonid Fainshtein answered 3 years ago

Hello Leo,
Please contact our technical support: https://www.xorcom.com/voip-pbx-technical-support/
It is necessary to check the PBX logs in order to rectify the problem.
Best regards,