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Set the time in 24-hour format

IP PBX ForumCategory: Bug ReportSet the time in 24-hour format
Gustavo GarciaGustavo Garcia asked 2 years ago

Hello.  I am using CompletePBX 5.0.71.  I cannot set the time manually in 24-Hour format and the software neither accepts PM hours.  When you input the time, even if you move the sliding bar to the ‘PM’ zone, the system always gets the time as ‘AM’.  I believe this is a bug?  CPBX 5.0.71.  I need to use manual time setting, not NTP client.  Thank you.

2 Answers
Eyal OrenEyal Oren answered 2 years ago

Hi Gustavo
WHich time are you referring to?
Where did you try to set it?
We can configure the time format on the Users module

Gustavo GarciaGustavo Garcia answered 2 years ago

Eyal, based on your comment via mail this may be a bug. I will wait for a solution in a future release. Thank you.