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Spark CPBX5 restart

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Gustavo GarciaGustavo Garcia asked 3 years ago

Hello.  My Xorcom Spark suddenly restarted when it was idle, no calls. I believe it was Asterisk, not Linux, as I do not have a /var/log/messages  file.  Where can I find logs about the restart to see what happened?  Thank you, Gustavo.

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Eyal OrenEyal Oren answered 3 years ago

Hi Gustavo
The kernel messages on Spark saved on ram , it means that after reboot it will get deleted .
Does this restart happen just once ?

Gustavo GarciaGustavo Garcia answered 3 years ago

Hi Eyal, it is my Lab Spark CPBX v5.0.44 and one day last week I noticed the restart because I heard the click of the little relay. The PBX was completely idle. Perhaps it happened other times before but I did not realize. Please advise file and path to look at. Thank you, Gustavo.