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Xorcom Hotel services

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Javier Izquierdojavier izquierdo asked 3 years ago
Please tell me if Xorcom has hotel services
check in, check out etc
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Eran GalEran Gal Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Javier,  
Yes, Xorcom Complete Concierge interface for hotel PMS supports check in, check out and more features.
Check out this page:  https://www.xorcom.com/hotel-pbx/
If you scroll down this page and see exactly what happens on each stage.

Gustavo GarciaGustavo Garcia replied 3 years ago

Hi, is Complete Concierge 100% compatible with CPBX5 v.5.0.36 ?

Eran GalEran Gal Staff replied 3 years ago

Complete Concierge is now being integrated into CompletePBX 5.
It will be available during January.
Follow our announcements and changelog: https://www.xorcom.com/completepbx-change-log/.