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It turns out that the PSTN lines in Uruguay have a particular ring cadence that is difficult for Asterisk to detect correctly. As a result, Xorcom reseller Giuffra y Asociados’ integration team suffered major setbacks during the implementation of a Xorcom XR2000 IP-PBX. This was mainly due to the absence of polarity reversal in Punta del Este. It was imperative to come up with a solution for this major issue since the telephony system would not work without the correct termination of the calls.

Giuffra & Asociados - Certified Xorcom Resellers in UruguayTogether with Xorcom’s technical support, Giuffra y Asociados came up with a solution, to the great satisfaction of their customer, Inmobiliaria Braglia, whose CEO exclaims:

“At first we were skeptical but today, after successful completion of the second stage of the original project, we are more than confident enough to face the last stage of the project: interconnecting our three offices. “Both the equipment and our integrator exceeded our expectations.” – Diego Braglia, Inmobiliaria Braglia

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