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CloudPhone Android v.1.0.7 – App Software Updates

Nov 16, 2020 | CompletePBX Change Log, VoIP PBX Technical Updates

Added support for video conferencing.
Updated Firebase tracking initialization.
Added support for showing BLF status in contact list.
Added support for the compact form of the Refer-To and Referred-By headers.
Added GIF support to messaging.
Updated German and Turkish translations.
Fixed image media message compression, disabled compression in default settings.
Fixed termination of call after attended transfer.
Fixed displaying of file name when downloading media message.
Fixed crash on video calls on low end devices.
Fix history log refreshing.
Fix for crash on ICE negotiation.
Fixed QR reader crash.

Group chat messaging fixes
Fixed outgoing video preview aspect ratio
Fixed glitches in incoming video rendering
Fixed repeated contact permission requests on app restart
Fixes to QR code provisioning from web registration
Fixes to media message image compression, compression is configurable and disabled by default
Fixed and added setting for incoming call preview on Android 10

Stability improvements
Fixes in german localization
Added Portuguese translation of rate app dialog
Added full-screen video playback to embedded browser
Support for preserving some messages during automatic deletion
Fixed smart contact info on call screen and history screen
Fixed smart contact rate
H.264 fixes
Fixed audio routing with system call integration