CompletePBX 5.0.40 – PBX Improvements, Usability and Bug Fixes

Feb 22, 2018 | CompletePBX Change Log, VoIP PBX Technical Updates



  • Cloud call recording icons – in case cloud call recording is activated it is now possible to see the local recording status in addition to the cloud recording status in the CDR.  For example, in case the calls were set to not be automatically deleted after uploading to the cloud, the user will see both local and cloud icons in the CDR recordings column.  If the call was not updated to the cloud due to the internet or other issues, the user will still have access to the local file and will be able to play it locally:

Cloud and Local Call Recording Indication

  • It is now possible to select all devices in Endpoint Manager IP phone provisioning tool Device Mapping.
  • NTP server option is now available under Admin -> System Settings -> System Misc -> Time.  When set to “Yes” the PBX will function as NTP server.  Note:  In Spark systems, NTP server is always on.PBX NTP Server in CompletePBX GUI
  • Administrator user can now set diversions (e.g. call forward, boss-secretary mode etc.) for an extension, even if that extension does not have permission to use this feature code under its class-of-service.
  • Reload icon will now appear only upon changes that require reloading and not on any change in the system.

Bug Fixes

  • Blinking lights and no service on FXS ports in mixed (FXS + FXO modules) – in some card version combinations the analog telephony card would enter into a state of blinking lights and not function correctly.  The issue is solved by newer firmware that is automatically updated with this software update.
  • Call fails when forwarding using the IP phone integral call forward function.  Fixed.
  • Inbound routes allowed to have duplicate DID/CID.  Fixed.
  • Automatically created inbound route (for extension) unexpectedly changes when the extension is changed.  Fixed.
  • High CPU load when using cloud call recordings.  Fixed.
  • DHADI trunk not properly shown on FOP2 Switchboard.  Fixed for analog systems.
  • Cloud call recording failed on Spark systems.  Fixed.
  • Fax detection time was 0 by default when Inbound Route was automatically created by Import Extesnsions.  Changed to 5 seconds by default.
  • Destination validation was missing in Conference, Paging Groups and Custom Applications (regression).  Fixed.
  • Language did not set up correctly on hot-desking extensions.  Fixed.
  • Trunk outgoing username did not accept “+”.  Fixed.
  • It was not possible to use “*” on call forward destination.  Fixed.
  • Tooltips on lock phone feature changed to clarify that no calls will be possible while the phone is locked.
  • Inconsistency in times shown on the dashboard.  Fixed.
  • It is now not possible to have an empty pattern in Outbound Route dialogue.
  • Multiple stability, performance, and usability issues.

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