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CompletePBX 5.0.44 – Improved PBX Language Support & Performance

Apr 18, 2018 | CompletePBX Change Log, VoIP PBX Technical Updates

  • Improvements

    • Improved Spanish prompts – now PBX Spanish voice prompts include all the prompts available in the English version.
    • Improved French voice prompts – Complete Concierge (Hospitality) PBX voice prompts added to the French voice prompts.  Now the French voice prompts include all the prompts available in the English version.
    • Cleanup Script (Free Disk Space) now sends an email notification every time it frees up disk space.  A file containing a detailed list of the removed files will be attached to the email.  Note that email settings have to be set up correctly in order for the emails to be sent to the relevant person.  It is possible to turn off email sending by using -e parameter.

    PBX Cleaup Notification Email

  • TwinStar dialogue now shows license status.  Previously there was only a mention of whether or not the license was present, regardless of expiration date.  Now the status will be shown using the same terminology and coloring as in License dialogue:

PBX Redundancy License Status

  • AMI (Asterisk Management Interface) can now be set to allow external connections at Settings -> PBX Settings -> General.  Setting Allow External Connections to Yes under AMI Settings will cause Asterisk to listen for inbound connections on IP instead of (the loopback interface). It is still necessary to enable access to AMI in the PBX Firewall configuration (ADMIN -> Security -> Firewall).

AMI (Asterisk Management Interface) Settings in PBX GUI

Bug Fixes

  • In some cases, Apply (Reload) would fail on systems larger than 1,700 extensions due to AMI (Asterisk Management Interface) communications issue.  Fixed.
  • Call Completion prompts was missing in English and Spanish.  Fixed.
  • When more than one Ring Group members were using the same Dial Profile with that used a non-default ringback sound there was no ringback sound at all when calling this group.  Fixed.