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CompletePBX 5.0.50 – API & Feature Improvements, Bug Fixes

Jul 10, 2018 | CompletePBX Change Log, VoIP PBX Technical Updates

PBX Name and Serial in About and Login Page

  • The user-given system name and the serial number now both appear on login page and in the About window:

Phone System GUI - System Name and SNPhone System GUI - System Name and SN

Conference Calls Improvements

  • It is now possible to enable and disable one-touch feature codes in any conference room.   In some cases due to false DTMF detection that may arise from a bad line/internet connection, a weak signal of participants using mobile phones and other reasons, one-touch features might be activated without the participants’ intentions.  Such feature codes include in-call features like volume control, mute etc.   When all users are connected via a reliable network/lines it is not likely to happen.  Conference rooms now have the possibility to turn on and off one-touch feature codes to allow avoiding this issue.  The default setup is Yes, which means one-touch feature codes are activated so there is no change in behavior for active systems upon upgrade to this version.  The setup is done on:  PBX -> Applications -> Conferences -> Single Digit Functions

Conference Call Setup - Disable Feature Codes

  •  New API commands are added/updated for conference rooms configuration:
  • conference (fetch single conference)
  • conferences (fetch all conferences)
  • create_conference (create new conference)
  • destroy_conference (destroy existing conference)
  • find_conference (searching of conferences)
  • modify_conference (modify existing conference)

See the full API documentation here.

Bug Fixes

  • CDR presented wrong account code information after call diversion.  Fixed.
  • Some calls did not show up on CDR report.  The issue mainly happened in some ring-group setups.  Fixed.
  • In some circumstances, Status Report throws an error when viewing SIP registrations.  Fixed.
  • Minor validation issues on Speed Dial.  Fixed.
  • Wrong error message when trying to play a gsm or wav49 files from CDR report.  Now the message is correct and there is an option to download the file (playing gsm and wav49 are not supported via the browser).
  • Database optimization & internal improvements