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CompletePBX – PBX Software Updates

Apr 2, 2020 | CompletePBX Change Log, VoIP PBX Technical Updates

Various PBX improvements and bug fixes.

NOTE:  This upgrade requires a reboot to complete


When upgrading any CompletePBX system (excluding Spark) from version 5.0.59 or older, follow the following procedure:

1.  run  
yum install xorcom-centos-release
2.  run
yum update

This will ensure the system will be updated from the correct repositories.


PBX Improvements

  • OS update to CentOS 7.7
  • It is now possible to configure static routes in Network settings.    This makes the connection with some SIP providers easier and more reliable.
  • Internal improvement to better support CloudPhone.
  • Import/Export extensions now allows importing and exporting CloudPhone usernames and passwords.
  • Improvement in PDF conversion for Faxing.
  • Feature codes localization and tooltips improvements.
  • When deleting a voicemail timezone the list of extensions using this timezone will be shown.
  • Asterisk changed ToHost header when modifying host to dynamic.  It is no longer necessary to restart Asterisk after changing the Host value from an IP address to “dynamic” in the Trunk configuration dialog.
  • Internal optimizations.

Bug Fixes

  • Import Extensions failed when Email Portal Password was set to yes.
  • In some cases calling back from call-history and chat did not properly behave on CloudPhone due to wrong processing of SIP header.
  • Single-tab mode used unnecessary resources.
  • It was not possible to configure PRI in CompletePBX GUI using Internet Explorer.
  • Asterisk changed ToHost header when modifying host to dynamic.
  • Recording Format could be undefined.
  • Spark systems would sometimes create an additional inactive network device when entering the Network settings dialog.