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CompletePBX change log

Latest news and updates of CompletePBX software
Available for download as Free Virtual PBX

Installing Virtual PBX in Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM)

Installing Virtual PBX in KVM environment Installing CompletePBX 5 in Kernel-based Virtual Machine Download CPBX5 VM for ESXi: http://updates.xorcom.com/ Unpack the downloaded zip file Convert the VMWare vmdk file to qcow2: qemu-img convert -O qcow2 disk-0.vmdk disk-0.qcow2 Create a new VM in the...

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Virtual PBX System Requirements

CompletePBX System Requirements Hardware and network requirements Xorcom IP PBX IP PBX Products Software IP PBX Virtual PBX System Requirements CompletePBX Network Requirements Latency – under 100ms Bandwidth – 85 Kb/s per call (times the number of concurrent calls + spare)Packet loss...

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