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Chinese & Dutch in GUI and more in CompletePBX Phone System 5.0.14

Feb 16, 2017 | CompletePBX Change Log, VoIP PBX Technical Updates

CompletePBX GUI Changes

  • Chinese and Dutch languages added to GUI

CompletePBX GUI in Chinese

  • Global search now supports * and space characters

CompletePBX Search Improvement

  • The default value for call back delay is set to 5 (PBX->Applications->Call Back) to avoid making a call back while the callee is still busy.
  • Improved the User Device field value validation (PBX->Extensions)
  • Ring Group number can be longer than 10 digits now

PBX Core Changes

  • Import extensions: Ring Device=Yes is now the default
  • Hot desking extensions now support being used as dynamic queue members
  • Fixed two problems in the API create_extension function:
    • When using create_extension using an existing extension number, the API modified the extension instead of rejecting the command.  Fixed.
    • Next suggested extension number now takes into account API-created extensions
  • CDR table encoding is changed to UTF-8. It allows now to keep the not Latin Caller ID names

CDR with UTF-8 Support

  • DAHDI configuration utility (ddetect) creates new FXS extensions with Attach Voicemail = No. This is the default value when an extension is created via GUI (PBX->Extensions)

Endpoint (IP Phones) Manager

  • Fix a problem with Yealink T27P and T21P-E2 handsets support in Endpoint Manager
  • Endpoint Manager now supports configuration of a second account for GrandStream HT702 ATA

Grandstream HT702

  • The discovered endpoint IP addresses are displayed now in the Device Mapping dialog