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CID Modifiers, Direct Voicemail & More in CompletePBX 5.0.16

Mar 15, 2017 | CompletePBX Change Log, VoIP PBX Technical Updates

New PBX Features & Improvements

  • Caller ID Modifiers – new module that allows manipulation of caller ID name and number, by creating Modifiers and applying them  to Inbound Routes.

CompletePBX CID Modifiers

  • Direct dial to voice mail – it is now possible to leave a message directly to voicemail without having to wait for ring time to end, by dialing feature code *95 before the extension number to which you want to leave the voicemail.
  • Improved table behavior in Pickup Groups – It is now possible to delete the first line in the Pickup Group table.  In previous versions it was only possible to edit it.
  • Now when a hot-desking device tries to log in to an extension that is already associated with another hot-desking device then the previous association will automatically end.
  • Dynamic queue members are now logged in to a queue with their names instead of extension numbers. It allows displaying the member names on the switchboard buttons.
  • FOP2 switchboard updated to version 2.31.08 that is specifically adjusted to Ombutel and fixes several issues.

Note! The users with licensed FOP2 installed will have to reactivate the license by running command:

fop2_server –reactivate

This operation requires the Internet access!


Fixed issues

  • In certain circumstances, DAHDI channels were not open after configuration changes applying.  Fixed.
  • It was not possible to define Ring Timeout = 0 in the trunk configuration dialog.  Fixed.
  • Music-On-Hold (MOH) settings gave priority over the MOH settings defined for a Queue. Fixed.
  • One-touch-recording (*3) didn’t work properly in many call flows types. Fixed.

Spark-Specific Issues

  • It was not possible to choose language for an extension. Fixed.
  • Endpoint Manager: the endpoints were not able to get the configuration.  Fixed. [This was a degradation introduced in the previous version 5.0.15.]
  • The PBX was not able  to send e-mail messages by using TLS protocol. This protocol is used for sending messages to Gmail. Fixed.
  • It was not possible to review the mail log in the e-mail configuration dialog. Fixed.
  • It was not possible to review the received voicemail messages in the user portal dialog. Fixed.