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TwinStar for Remote Locations, Yealink & Fanvil in CompletePBX 5.0.20

Apr 30, 2017 | CompletePBX Change Log, VoIP PBX Technical Updates

New Features

  • TwinStar now better supports virtual machines and remote locations with Corosync option to use UDP.  Previously only Multicast was supported.
  • Optimization of Astribank activation after server change in TwinStar
  • Import Extensions – Account field is added to import extensions
    Improved description for columns in Import Extensions template file
  • New phones supported:
    • Fanvil – X3S, X4, X5S, X6

Fanvil X5

  • Yealink – S series now supported

Yealink T48S IP Phone

  • One-dial feature codes – It is now possible to dial new feature codes with the required number directly without having to listen to the prompt, by dialing the feature code followed by * and then the required number.  Supported feature codes: 
    • Call Forward options *59*[extension number]
    • Add/Remove Queue Agent options *50*[queue number]
    • Pause/Unpause Queue Agent options *51*[queue number]

    When dialing the feature code without the * suffix, the user will be prompted to dial the requested extension/queue number.

    The reason for adding the * suffix is to avoid clashes when dialing a feature code + number that might be interpreted as just a dialed number.

    Direct dial to voicemail that was originally allowed without the * suffix, *95 is declared deprecated and will be removed in a few releases.  Direct dial to voicemail will be done by using *95*[extension number]

  • Updated DAHDI packages

Bug Fixes

  • TwinStar
    • In some cases in TwinStar users were not able to log into Switchboard when server B was active. Fixed.
    • In some cases Astribanks were not properly initialized after server change.  Fixed.
    • Music on hold was not working properly on Import Extensions.  Fixed.
    • Digium analog cards and clones with empty slots were not working properly.  Fixed.