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Free Unlimited g.729 and more Improvements in CPBX 5.0.30

Aug 24, 2017 | CompletePBX Change Log, VoIP PBX Technical Updates

Note:  v.5.0.30 follows v.5.0.26 (there are no versions in between).


Free Unlimited G729 in CompletePBX

  • G.729 codec is now available in CompletePBX, free and unlimited.  Here’s how to get it:
    • Update to the latest version and get it for free
    • Restart Asterisk by running systemctl restart asterisk in command line
    • Verify the operation was successful by going to PBX -> Admin -> Asterisk CLI, and type the command core show translation.  
    • You should now see g.729 in the translation table:

G.729 in PBX Translation Table

  • Internal optimizations for stability and performance
  • Twinstar – twinstar-corosync v.1.4.2 released to match new licensing server & client.


  • Fixed error in sending fax (introduced in previous version, CPBX 5.0.26)
  • Audio player used to keep playing music after popup window was closed.  Fixed.