CompletePBX 5.0.33 – Opus Codec, New Yealink Phones, Auto Timezone and more…

Oct 18, 2017 | CompletePBX Change Log, VoIP PBX Technical Updates


PBX Features

  • Opus codec added.  It is now possible to define Opus codec for devices and trunks.

Opus Codec in CompletePBX

  •  One digit dialing – it is now possible to configure Speed Dial and Custom Applications of one digit.  This is useful for implementations like “dial 0 for operator”.  Previous versions were limited to a minimum of two digits.

One Digit Dialing in CompletePBX

  • Spy feature (listen on active call) is now available also for extensions that have more than one device associated with it.
  • Internal optimizations

IP Phone Management

  • Automatic setting of timezone for IP Phone Templates in Endpoint Manager.  The default time zone value in new templates (as well as default templates provided by the system) is now Auto. In this configuration the template will automatically receive the server (PBX) time zone without need for manual setting.  All the other timezone options are still available for manual configuration.
  • New Yealink models added to Endpoint Manager:


T58V, T58A, T56A T52S, T54S CP960 Yealink IP Phones

  • T58V, T58A, T56A
  •  T52S, T54S
  •  CP960
  • More settings now available for Yealink phones in Endpoint Manager 




  • Greetings and Voicemail were no longer available in some cases after version update 5.0.32.  This version fixes the issue.  Users that were not able to reach their recordings will now be able to reach them again (no recordings were deleted).
  • Queue VIP was limited to 255 characters in total.  The issue is fixed and there is no longer limitation on the length of the list.
  • Non-administrator users were not able to download a recorded call file.  Fixed.
  • Directory feature (411) did not work properly – fixed



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