CompletePBX 5.0.34 – SIP PnP, Extension Sources and More…

Nov 1, 2017 | CompletePBX Change Log, VoIP PBX Technical Updates


SIP Plug-and-Play (SIP PnP) 

SIP Plug-and-Play allows SIP phones to immediately locate the PBX on the network and receive settings from Endpoint Manager without any special actions on the user’s side.  The phone and PBX have to be on the same network in order for this feature to work correctly.

When working together with PhoneScan IP Phone Provisioning App for Android (beta) and SIP PnP, CompletePBX provides the easiest, fastest and most advanced way to deploy SIP phones for systems of any size.

PhoneScan IP Phone Provisioning

PBX Management

  • Extension sources revealed via a new Relations tab.  The new Relations tab (PBX -> Extensions -> Extensions) provides a clear visual view of all the possible sources that may route a call to the relevant extension.  This allows the administrator to easily see the extension’s relations before making any change and to make sure no “broken links” or improper routing is caused by changes:

PBX Extensions Relations in CompletePBX GUI

  • Improved PBX Global Search results – global search results are now sorted so that all groups of the same kind will be grouped together and sorted in a logical order.
  • Each kind of entity is now marked by its own color to make it easy for the user to quickly see what type of item is being shown.  Placement, size, and shape were optimized.  Redundant icons were removed.
Old Search Results New Search Results
PBX Global Search Results - Old PBX Global Search Results - New
  • User Timezone automatically set to System Timezone – System Timezone option is now added to the Timezone drop-down menu and is now the default timezone for users.  This setting can be manually overridden for users that are working at a timezone different from the System Timezone (Admin -> Admin -> Users ->Settings).  Previously the default timezone was UTC for all users.  That caused users to get wrong time-of-day in CDR reports and other places unless user-timezone was manually set.  For systems that are being upgraded from older versions, during the upgrade the system will detect users with UTC timezones defined and automatically set them to System Timezone.

CompletePBX Phone System User Timezone Settings

  • Extension drop-down sorting – all extension dropdowns across the system are now sorted by extension number.  This also refers to destinations that are related to extensions, such as Fax, Voicemail etc.  It is also possible to start typing an extension number to quickly reach it.

PBX Extension List Sorted - CompletePBX

  • Yealink IP Phones V82 firmware added to Endpoint Manager.
  • Log Files menu entry name changed to Log Settings (Settings -> PBX Settings -> Log Settings)



  • Users got “asterisk” as caller ID for unknown SIP callers.  Now unknown caller ID will be shown as “unknown”.  This may be customized in Settings -> Technology Settings -> SIP Settings -> Custom -> callerid

PBX unknown caller ID Settings in CompletePBX GUI

  • Unanswered queue calls left empty recording files.  Fixed.
  • Wrong time/date on CDR reports.  This issue resulted from user timezone not being set by the administrator.  Fixed with automatic settings – see explanation under Improvements.

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