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So states Gary McLaughlin, President of Huntington Foam.

This follows an unsuccessful attempt to connect a Mexico-based branch with their four existing PBX in various US locations supplied by a different manufacturer. Certified Xorcom reseller Rob Welts at Unified Alerts saved the day by proposing Xorcom’s XR2047 IP-PBX appliance, which supports the Mexican standard E1 R2 interface. Here’s a look at Rob’s handiwork:


Huntington Foam Network Diagram

Unified Alerts used a Xorcom IP-PBX to connect the Huntington Foam Mexico location with the existing PBX systems located in the four US-based branches.

Gary further comments:

The ability to call directly has changed the way we communicate company wide. We collaborate and quickly share information across the various plants far quicker and with greater ease than before. We pick up the phone and dial three numbers to reach any Huntington Foam employee any time.

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