Domestic Long Distance Rates Substantially Reduced for Marketing Research Firm

Dec 27, 2010 | VoIP Case Studies, VoIP PBX News and Blog

Sergey Vanner, CEO, COMICON

Sergey Vanner, CEO, COMICON

COMICON, an independent research company located in Kazakhstan, was eager to reduce the cost of their main activity — telephone surveys. They wanted to preserve 12 existing analog lines while implementing a SIP-telephony and digital stream E1 connection.

“The Xorcom IP PBX allowed us to implement the most economical type of telephone communication, and thereby substantially reduce the cost of our main activity – telephone surveys.” – Sergey Vanner, CEO, COMICON

By choosing a Xorcom solution, comprised of an Asterisk server with 16 FXS and 16 FXO ports, and a USB 2 connected Astribank providing an E1 port and an additional 24 FXS ports, COMICON was able to:

  • reduce expenses
  • minimize dropped calls
  • improve call redirection, and
  • eliminate their dedicated fax machine by routing faxes directly to a specific recipient’s mail client.

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