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High Availability Telephony Solutions

TwinStar - hot failover for Asterisk

If a failure is detected on the primary server, TwinStar switches all telephony activity to the backup server, automatically, in a matter of seconds.

Xorcom offers the only commercially-supported high availability PBX based on Asterisk, called TwinStar. This award-winning hot failover solution provides automatic detection of PBX failure and immediate switching of all telephony functions, including traditional and IP-based telephony, to a back-up server within seconds. The singular architecture of the USB 2.0-connected Astribank channel bank, which houses the TwinStar intelligence, enables this unique capability for Asterisk-based systems.

Rapid Recovery - PBX backup and restore utility on USB disk-on-key

Rapid Recovery – PBX backup and restore utility on USB disk-on-key


In addition, the Rapid Recovery integrated backup and restore utility enables simple, safe and speedy recovery of all Xorcom’s IP-PBX solutions.

Dedicated Redundant Power Supply for Astribanks

Dedicated Redundant Power Supply for Astribanks

A redundant power supply unit provides dedicated power to up to 16 Astribank devices via four separate internal power supplies in a microcomputer-based system. In the event that one of the power units malfunctions, an alert is dispatched to the system administrator (via e-mail or automated prerecorded phone message) so that maintenance can be scheduled. In the meantime, all of the Astribanks continue to function seamlessly, since the remaining power units regroup to provide the requisite power.

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