CompletePBX 5.0.38 – Improved CDR Call Details Report, New IP Phone Models

Jan 31, 2018 | CompletePBX Change Log, VoIP PBX Technical Updates

Call Details Reports – CDR Improvements


We added functionality to CDR call details reports (Reports -> CDR Reports):


  • New CDR filters – It is now possible to create filters with new criteria including Call Type, From (src), PIN Code and To (dst):

CDR Call Detail Records Filters

  •  Call Type indicates which type of call it was:
    • 1 – Internal
    • 2 – Incoming
    • 3 – Outgoing
    • 4 – Trunk to trunk
  • From (src) – when an extension is calling to the outside world, the From field will show the extension number, while the From (src) field will show the external caller-ID of that extension (in that specific call).
  •  To (dst) – this is the Inbound Route’s destination, for example, is an inbound route is directing calls to a queue, this would be the place to filter for calls that went to that specific queue.
  • PIN Code – this allows to create filters based on PIN codes.  For security and usability reasons the PIN code itself is not shown in the CDR, but rather a description of the PIN code.  The PIN List dialogue (PBX -> Applications -> PIN Lists) was changed accordingly, to allow for description.  Leaving the description empty cause no PIN reference to be shown in the CDR (Call Details Report).

PBX Phone System PIN Lists

  •  Account Code can now be set on Outbound Route (PBX -> External -> Outbound Routes) to allow for a route-based auto setup of account code:

Account Code in PBX Outbound RoutesThe account code may later be used for creating CDR (Call Details Reports) filters.

Outbound route account code will override extension account code (in case both are set).

  • Totals are added to CDR Call Details Reports in the PDF export version:

CDR Call Details Report Totals

Yealink and Fanvil Support Improvements  

  • Yealink W60B, W56P and W52P IP dect phones models are now supported in Endpoint Manager (Settings -> Endpoint Manager)
  • Yealink C920 conference room phone is now supported in Endpoint Manager

Yealink W60B DECT IP Phone and CP920 Conference Phone

  • Fanvil X3 and X4 IP phones – new firmware now supported in Endpoint Manager IP phone provisioning


Additional Improvements

  • API – it is now possible to retrieve devices for an extension by extension ID using CompletePBX API
  • External caller-ID is no longer auto-populated in Extensions (PBX -> Extensions -> Extensions)
  • Voicemail email notifications – it is now possible to disable email notifications for voicemail
  • Voicemail indicator now supported in hot-desking extensions/devices.



  • No hints on parking slots (regression). Fixed
  • External caller-ID blanked out when non-numeric characters (such as +) were being used.  Fixed.
  • Queue calls not uploaded to Cloud Call Recording.  Fixed.
  • Record on demand did not work on parking.  Fixed.
  • Parking Lots, Custom Applications and Conferences allowed for numbers that existed in other destinations (regression).  Fixed.
  • Voicemail indicator did not work on static extensions (regression).  Fixed.
  • Parking music-on-hold (MoH) not working.  Fixed.
  • Cloud Call Recording icon not shown in user portal CDR.  Fixed.
  • Importing extensions with un-defined technology profile via Import Extensions would not create the device properly.  Fixed.


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