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Praba Dwipraba dwi asked 8 months ago
Praba Dwipraba dwi replied 8 months ago


I have a question

I want to make an outgoing call pin for each extension
I’ve done this (see images)

is there anything missing?

thank you
regards praba

Praba Dwipraba dwi replied 8 months ago

sorry i cant send images

I have created a PIN List to create a password
then I input to outbound routes
if I call out without a PIN it always works
but it still doesn’t work to call out with a PIN

help me please

1 Answers
Eyal OrenEyal Oren answered 7 months ago

Hi Praba
There are 2 options
1. Pin List module, you can create a list and later using it on the outbound route
2. Route restriction where the dialer will need to put his extension feature password