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IP PBX reseller in Israel – IP Tech

IP Tech - IP PBX reseller in Israel

Service Area: Israel and the Palestinian Authority

IP Tech


IP Tech has rich experience in VoIP communications and data, a supplier of VoIP hardware and VoIP phone systems, IP PBX appliances and software, hotel PBX, multi-tenant PBX, IP phones.

IP Tech provides consulting and solutions for efficient and cost-saving management of organizational communications.  IP Tech’s support department provides timely and high-quality service anywhere per customers’ needs and requirements.  IP Tech is proud to have a wide range of customers from various industries, including high-tech, industrial, trade, and services.


•  Email:  [email protected]

•  Phone:  +972-(0)3-9041771

•  Website:  www.iptech.co.il

•  Address:  11 Shoham St., Petach Tikva, 49517, Israel

Xorcom Authorized Reseller Partner
Xorcom Support Specialist