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Hotel PMS interface for MT Manager



Hotel PMS interface

The Complete Concierge hotel PMS interface app integrates the CompletePBX phone system with a wide range of PMS systems, allowing the seamless flow of information and correct behavior between the PMS and PBX.

Complete Concierge hotel PMS interface supports full PBX-PMS functionality, including check-in/check-out, wakeup calls, do-not-disturb, call accounting, multiple phones per room, minibar, room status reports and more. Hotel PBX (phone system) compatible with all major PMS systems. Easy to integrate. 

With the Complete Concierge PMS interface, Xorcom can interface to various PMS systems to take care of smooth check-in/check-out process, report room status and minibar and manage wakeup calls.

Being able to administer large numbers of analog extensions side-by-side with VoIP extensions and trunks, while keeping system management transparent and coherent, makes Xorcom an excellent choice for hotels with the existing analog infrastructure to the rooms.

See more information about hotel phone system.

License type: Hotel Rooms        Developed by: Xorcom


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see Hospitality section in the CompletePBX 5.x user manual.